Welcome to Sijabra - Norways new innovative "one-stop-shop" wedding portal

Tue May 29 2018 12:27:53 GMT+0200 (CEST), Christel Friis Conrad

Sijabra - Norways new innovative "one-stop-shop" for wedding planning chooses FlowStack

Sijabra is Norways new innovative "one-stop-shop" for wedding planning. Sijabra is wedding planning made easy and free for customers to use.

In a short time Sijabra has succeeded in getting over 2700 wedding suppliers in all different categories to sign up and a even bigger number of wedding couples to use the portal. And Sijabra chooses FlowStack as their new Customer Database Platform for customer communication and marketing automation.

How to get over 2700 suppliers in a short time

New portals often face the challenge of how to attract both new suppliers and new customers. The suppliers will not use the platform without a lot of customers and the customers are not interested in a platform with only few suppliers.

One activity that really has been a success in attracting suppliers and customers for Sijabra is the use of the quiz calendar. The quiz calendar has 10 doubled the number of visitors to the website and Sijabra has used this momentum with relevant and personal communication and marketing automation flows.

For example personalised check lists before and after the wedding, match with potential suppliers, wish lists to manage etc. - the potential for personal and relevant communication for the wedding couple, their guests and the suppliers is huge.

Marketing Automation is about being the best to engage with the right person at the right time and place and to continue the relationship – right? We know that we must personalize and engage with the customers and leads where they are. But how?

Gives you more than current platforms

FlowStacks Customer Data Platform gives you the next generation Marketing Automation. Compared with the current generation’s systems FlowStacks platform lets you:

  1. Do real cross channel personalization and marketing automation.
  2. Recognize customers and leads in real time.
  3. Work with real Cross Channel Marketing and data integration easier and simpler than today.
  4. Use all relevant data from any source you choose, across any silo.

…and do it easier, simpler, faster and without limitations. Because data and data models are the foundation for Marketing Automation by FlowStack

We are very excited to welcome Sijabra to FlowStack.

Tell sales@flowstack.com if you're interested in a demo of the new FlowStack solution or being one of those Next Gen clients.


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