First Customer migrated to FlowStack

Mon Nov 20 2017 14:06:41 GMT+0100 (CET), Christel Friis Conrad

Mission Accomplished: First Customer migrated to FlowStack

Congratulation to our automotive customer Bent Pedersen AS and their team for a successful migration from their old marketing platform to the new FlowStack platform for Mercedes-Benz and 9 other car brands smart, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Mitsubishi, Renault, Dacia, Opel, Chrysler and Jeep.

Søren Pedersen, Marketing Manager at Bent Pedersen says

Data driven marketing and campaigns has been part of our business for many years. With the FlowStack platform many activities are already easier and faster and we can now again focus on strategy and how to give our customers the best service and experience across channels. With the new platform we are ready to further develop our business

A whole new world of possibilities with true Cross Data Platform (XDP)

We can communicate to our customers in new ways - better and more customer friendly than before. Instead of communicating to one car/one person at a time, we can approach our customers as one person with all relevant information in ONE place.

And when we move across the different channels, all the individual relevant data follows us from one channel to the next.

Cross channel personalization - an example

We are sending an e-mail servicereminder to our customers to book service for their car with use of all relevant customer data. When clicking on the link in the e-mail, our customer landed on the online booking site and had to fill out his or her data all over and click on the relevant services that should be booked. But not anymore!

When moving from the e-mail channel to the website channel we call data directly via API at the bookingsite where all relevant information according to the specific car is filled out with true and instant website personalization. And if the customer has several cars and chooses another for booking, all relevant data, correct dealer location, prices etc are automatically filled for that specific car. That is good customer service and our conversion is growing.

After a sale and service we do customer ratings by SMS. And now the specific rating for the specific work is saved directly on the worknumber which gives a much better and more precise information in the customer service and engagement with customers.

Tell sales@flowstack.com if you're interested in a demo of the new FlowStack solution or being one of those Next Gen clients!


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