Rescue marketing secures succes with test drive weekend

Wed Sep 12 2018 13:39:28 GMT+0200 (CEST), Christel Friis Conrad

Rescue marketing secured success with test drive event

Fast help and teamwork resulted in great success with test drive event for Hedin Automotive.

We are very proud to say that we - with mutual help - succeeded in helping one of our new clients Hedin Automotive in Belgium with a successful test drive event in the weekend.

Our client called us and said they had a problem - a planned test drive event, but no bookings - just one week before the event. A nightmare for all car dealerships or other companies who have planned a sales and marketing event. A new car launch, a test drive event but no participants, bookings or sign-ups.

In a few days, we managed together with Hedin Automotive to define segments, integrate data, create emails, webforms and landingpages, follow up mails and sales triggers and send out emails to all relevant customers.

Results from day one

The communication converted into test drive bookings – many of the bookings were even with 3 participants each since new leads invited their own guests. Sales and product specialists were busy all day, new hot sales leads filled the show-room at the dealership and several car sales are in the pipeline already.

We got a message from the CEO Henrik Lessel the following Monday morning that they were very happy with the result so far. And now they want to do more.

Booking system connected with the Customer Data Platform

Following the event, we have developed an easy to use test drive booking site and internal booking system with build in triggers and events for sales and marketing, marketing automation flows etc. And everything is tracked and easily connected with our FlowStack Customer Data Platform for marketing automation which Hedin is already using.

It does not always have to be so complicated to get fast results even though we are working with customer data, data integration, sales organizations and marketing automation.

Want to know more?

Contact sales@flowstack.com if you're interested in a demo of the new FlowStack solution or being one of those Next Gen clients.


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