How Evobus Denmark increased revenue

Sat Aug 26 2017 23:29:13 GMT+0200 (CEST), Christel Friis Conrad

How Daimler Buses Evobus Denmark increased revenue with up to 527%

Increased revenue on service and spareparts between 25-527%. Does that sounds like a sweet dream? Yes! And that is the reality for Daimler Buses Evobus Denmark with simple marketing automation campaigns for service and aftersales for both Mercedes-Benz and Setra buses. And the recipe is simple:

Great results

The results and benefits are many; first of all increased revenue between 25-527% which is quite extraordinary for Evobus Denmark and increased sales between 40-366% in number of sold spareparts for campaigns for months where comparable spareparts exist, according to Aftersales manager Henrik Lykke Pedersen.

Evobus sales campaign

Evobus sales campaign

Besides great financial results with targeted monthly e-mail newsletters to the customers with use of customer data we have experienced great feedback from the customers with the campaigns, improved open rates and click rates and given sales and customer service a tool to use in their personal dialogue with the customers.

The recipe

  1. Analyze and choose attractive products that are valuable and interesting for your company - for example products with high volume potential or high revenue potential, products with strong competition from non-brands etc.

  2. Give a very good offer to your customers on the specific product or products

  3. Make the communication simple and attractive, individual with use of customer data if possible and easy to act on for the customer

  4. Put a time limit on the offer to create a sense of urgency. Results show us that this really is a very big salesdriver. The sense of urgency has shown us to be a high actionable salesdriver for both B2B and B2C customers.

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