Hessel's success with their Customer Portal after GDPR

Wed Aug 01 2018 14:18:51 GMT+0200 (CEST), Christel Friis Conrad

Hessel launched their Customer Portal with GDPR with great success

Companies on the FlowStack platform choose the customer preference center for their customers with GDPR - and with great benefit.

Hessel chose to launch their "Customer Portal" in connection with the implementation of the new GDPR rules by May 25th this year. Hessel has i-framed the Portal into their own website as an integrated part of their FlowStack platform solution.

The Customer Portal is seen as a great way to give customers an overview and a secure access to all relevant customer data but also a possibility and encouragement to update their own data. The results has already by far extended our expectations, says Kenneth Bendix, CRM manager at Ejner Hessel.

New opportunities for branding, customer experiences and new sales

It has been exciting to see the first reactions to the Customer Portal from our customers without using any incentives or competitions to increase traffic. The response from customers has been extremely positive and the engagement has been overwhelming. Our customers has been very active spending time viewing and updating their own profile data, their permissions, personal interests and car data etc.

Especially the update of car data has been a positive surprise for our business, says Kenneth Bendix. For years and years there has been nation-wide and local campaigns with different incentives trying to get our customers to tell us if they have sold or bought their car privately. And now we can see our customers update this information directly in the Customer Portal giving us the chance to communicate relevant and personal servicereminders and service offers for new segments.

Our customers update of their personal interests is also of great value. We have many different events for our customers throughout the year within areas such as sports, factory visits, music, travel, culture etc. and we can target these events much better towards our customers with this correct knowledge about their interests.

A whole new channel for individuel relevant communication

The benefits of the Customer Portal are many

  1. customer data has been updated by the customers themselves

  2. new permissions has been collected

  3. new relevant data for targeted communication such as interests has been collected

  4. customers can request to get data or be deleted, but only very few has chosen to do that

  5. all relevant product data, contact data etc. are accessible in one place - convenience is the key word

  6. messages are individual, relevant and targeted in one place - a whole new personal channel is ready to be expanded and developed by the companies towards their customers

Contact sales@flowstack.com if you're interested in a demo of the new FlowStack solution or being one of those Next Gen clients.


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