Develop business. Break down the silos with a next gen Customer Data Platform

Wed May 16 2018 15:01:34 GMT+0200 (CEST), Christel Friis Conrad

Increase your business results with a next generation Customer Data Platform

Within management, sales, marketing how often have you sat in meetings or workshops asking questions about your customers, your data, interesting segments, sales opportunities etc. that involved data from different sources and that wasn't easy to answer? Often someone in the company has some idea of how the figures look like for your business, services, products, segments, campaigns, website traffic etc. Most likely someone in the company have to make different queries or datareports, integrate and analyze it to be able to answer the different business questions asked. Questions seldom answered same day!

For years focus has been and still are on marketing activities in the different channels or carrier (ex. email platform, website, sms) and new channels (eg SoMe). New features have been developed for the specific channels to make our communication and campaigns smarter and better. There has also been attempts to integrate data in the customer journey between several channels. But face it - it's not that simple, there are many limitations in the use of data from different systems and platforms, a lot of manual work and manual processes instead of automated processes and often our data can't be used or integrated the way we want.

Communicate and act in the best way for your customers and leads - across all silos and systems

The datamodel is the foundation and the strength of a CDP built on new technology and built for the future. Unlimited flexibility in your data structure, in your number of data fields, what you call data and the identifier or keys to connect the data from one source or system to another.

You can search advanced in all your consolidated data and you can communicate and act in the best way for your customers and leads - across all silos and systems. Your consolidated data in the FlowStack Customer Data Platform is the future for sales and marketing automation.

This is what our many new customers have experienced already working with the Customer Data Platform for business development and marketing automation. New use of data and marketing flows has already influenced bottom line earnings.

Would you like to know more?

Tell sales@flowstack.com if you're interested in a demo of the new FlowStack solution or being one of those Next Gen clients.


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